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Lỗi thường gặp servo Omron

 VINITECH chuyên sửa chữa biến tần, servo tại Đồng Nai, Bình Dương...

Code ALM Error detection function Cause of error
Alarm A.04 OFF Parameter setting error The Servomotor does not match the
Servo Driver.
A.10 OFF Overcurrent Overcurrent detected, or improper radi
ation shield temperature rise detected.
A.30 OFF Regeneration error Regeneration circuit damaged due to
large amount of regenerative energy.
A.32 OFF Regeneration overload Regenerative energy exceeded the
regeneration resistance.
A.40 OFF Overvoltage/undervoltage Main circuit DC voltage outside the
allowable range.
A.51 OFF Overspeed Servomotor rotation speed exceeded
the maximum speed.
A.70 OFF Overload Output torque exceeded 120% of rated
A.73 OFF Dynamic brake overload Regenerative energy exceeded the
dynamic brake resistance during
dynamic brake operation.
A.74 OFF Inrush resistance over
Inrush current exceeded the inrush
resistance during power supply inrush.
A.7A OFF Overheat Abnormal temperature rise detected in
radiation shield.
A.bF OFF System error A control circuit system error was
A.C1 OFF Runaway detected The Servomotor rotated in the opposite
direction from the command.
A.C2 OFF Phase error detected The Servomotor’s electrical angle was
incorrectly detected
A.C3 OFF Encoder disconnection
Encoder phase A, B, or S is discon
nected or shorted.
A.d0 OFF Deviation counter over
Deviation counter’s residual pulses
exceeded the deviation counter over
flow level set in Pn505.
CPF00 --- Parameter Unit transmis
sion error 1
Data could not be transmitted after the
power supply was turned ON. (See
CPF01 --- Parameter Unit transmis
sion error 2
Transmission timeout error (See note.)
Warning A.91 --- Overload A warning occurs before the overload
alarm (A.70) is reached. An alarm may
be generated if the Servomotor contin
ues to operate.
A.92 --- Regeneration overload A warning occurs before the regenera
tion overload alarm (A.32) is reached.
An alarm may be generated if the Ser
vomotor continues to operate.