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Lỗi biến tần AllenBradley

 VINITECH chuyên sửa chữa biến tần, servo tại Đồng Nai, Bình Dương...

Fault Descriptions

No. Fault Type(1) Description Action
F2 Auxiliary Input Auxiliary input interlock is open. 1. Check remote wiring.
2. Verify communications
programming for intentional fault.
F3 Power Loss Excessive DC Bus voltage ripple. 1. Monitor the incoming line for
phase loss or line imbalance.
2. Check input line fuse.
F4 UnderVoltage DC bus voltage fell below the
minimum value.
Monitor the incoming AC line for low
voltage or line power interruption.
F5 OverVoltage DC bus voltage exceeded
maximum value.
Monitor the AC line for high line
voltage or transient conditions. Bus
overvoltage can also be caused by
motor regeneration. Extend the
decel time or install dynamic brake
F6 Motor Stalled Drive is unable to accelerate
Increase P039 - A067 [Accel Time x]
or reduce load so drive output
current does not exceed the current
set by parameter
A089 [Current
Limit 1].
F7 Motor Overload Internal electronic overload trip. 1. An excessive motor load exists.
Reduce load so drive output
current does not exceed the
current set by parameter
[Motor OL Current].
2. Verify
A084 [Boost Select]
F8 Heatsink
Heatsink temperature exceeds a
predefined value.
1. Check for blocked or dirty heat
sink fins. Verify that ambient
temperature has not exceeded
°C (104°F) for IP30, NEMA UL
Type 1 installations or 50°C (122°F)
for IP20/Open type installations.
2. Check fan.
F12 HW OverCurrent The drive output current has
exceeded the hardware current
Check programming. Check for
excess load, improper
A084 [Boost
Select] setting, DC brake volts set
too high or other causes of excess
F13 Ground Fault A current path to earth ground
has been detected at one or
more of the drive output
Check the motor and external wiring
to the drive output terminals for a
grounded condition.
F29 Analog Input
An analog input is configured to
fault on signal loss. A signal loss
has occurred.
Configure with
A122 [Analog In
1. Check parameters.
2. Check for broken/loose
connections at inputs.
No. Fault Type(1) Description Action
F33 Auto Rstrt Tries Drive unsuccessfully attempted
to reset a fault and resume
running for the programmed
number of
A092 [Auto Rstrt
Correct the cause of the fault and
manually clear.
F38 Phase U to Gnd A phase to ground fault has been
detected between the drive and
motor in this phase.
1. Check the wiring between the
drive and motor.
2. Check motor for grounded
3. Replace drive if fault cannot be
F39 Phase V to Gnd
F40 Phase W to Gnd
F41 Phase UV Short Excessive current has been
detected between these two
output terminals.
1. Check the motor and drive output
terminal wiring for a shorted
2. Replace drive if fault cannot be
F42 Phase UW Short
F43 Phase VW Short
F48 Params
The drive was commanded to
write default values to EEPROM.
1. Clear the fault or cycle power to
the drive.
2. Program the drive parameters as
F63 SW OverCurrent Programmed A098 [SW Current
Trip] has been exceeded.
Check load requirements and A098
[SW Current Trip] setting.
F64 Drive Overload Drive rating of 150% for 1 minute
or 200% for 3 seconds has been
Reduce load or extend Accel Time.
F70 Power Unit Failure has been detected in the
drive power section.
1. Cycle power.
2. Replace drive if fault cannot be
F71 Net Loss The communication network has
1. Cycle power.
2. Check communications cabling.
3. Check network adapter setting.
4. Check external network status.
F80 SVC Autotune The autotune function was either
cancelled by the user or failed.
Restart procedure.
F81 Comm Loss RS485 (DSI) port stopped
1. If adapter was not intentionally
disconnected, check wiring to the
port. Replace wiring, port
expander, adapters or complete
drive as required.
2. Check connection.
3. An adapter was intentionally
4. Turn off using
A105 [Comm Loss
F100 Parameter
The checksum read from the
board does not match the
checksum calculated.
Set P041 [Reset To Defalts] to
option 1 “Reset Defaults”.
F122 I/O Board Fail Failure has been detected in the
drive control and I/O section.
1. Cycle power.
2. Replace drive if fault cannot be